GATE Tutoring Online Support Program Agreement

The GATE Tutoring Online Support Program is subject to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions").

1. Definitions

The GATE Tutoring Online Support is an online tutorial service offered to its clients referred to as "the student", as a flexible and affordable means to education. The GATE Tutoring Online Support shall conduct its tutorial classes through its virtual classroom using the working in any web browsers in the Student's working computer to ensure uninterrupted sessions. GATE Tutoring Online Support Program shall be referred to as the permission to log on to the portal, online tutorial and customer support.

2. Scope of Service

We will be able to connect with our students through our registered software and online portal found in The Student must provide his/her computer, internet connection and must create his/her own account in order to access the tutorial services.

In relation, the Services we provide shall be made available stated hours in the related pages in our website and the service hours may be modified without any notices.

3. Free Trial Class for New Members

First-time GATE Tutoring Online Support Program members are eligible to try the service for free (“Trial Offer”) for the first class (30 mins) without obligation.
Trial Offer is allowed for one time per family.

3. Privacy Policy

Your registered information will be verified through your registered email address.
We respect the Students right to privacy. We will not disclose nor sell the Student's personal identification and other pertinent details that will reveal any close connection to the Student's true identity.

Student Confidentiality: GATE Tutoring Services respects the confidentiality of your child’s records and academic information. As the parent/legal guardian authorized to register your child and book the Online support. Should you want to authorize such access to any other individuals (for instance your spouse), you may do so by emailing us at Please note that GATE Tutoring Services will honor any request for information about your child from the listed individuals without seeking your prior approval.

4. Payments

We will send you a payment method to your registered email address and you can make a payments can be made through Paypal before your scheduled class begins.

5. User Content

Any material, information or communication you upload using our facility will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. You automatically grant us permission to use the material/information/communication for our use whether for dissemination, quality control, curriculum development, or marketing our services.

The actual sessions of the tutorials will be recorded and archived for quality assurance purposes.

6. Modifications of the Service

We may add, modify or disable some of the existing features in the online classroom. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the service from time to time to make room for maintenance procedures or upgrade of system/facilities. We will not be held liable for any changes or modifications we deem necessary for the improvement of the overall site features.

7. Termination of Service

If a session needs to be cancelled, GATE Tutoring Online Support Program should be notified  by contacting us at 1-949-636-9092 during 11:00 am to 6:00pm (PST) or texting 30 minutes before the scheduled class begins . If proper notice is not given, the class is considered to be completed and no credit will be applied to the new scheduled classes.
If the tutor logs in and the student is not present, they will wait 10 minutes. If the student does not login, the session is forfeited and you will be charged for the full session.

8. Refund Policy

Any payments made for GATE Tutoring Online Support Program are non- refundable. Any cancelled classes will be rescheduled and the fee paid for the classes will be applied to the new scheduled classes.


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